Òlah Bliss Shares New Single ‘Holy’

London-based, Polish-born singer and songwriter Òlah Bliss shares her brand new single Holy, a super smooth alt-pop song about going through a rough patch in life. 
What I like the most about this song is Òlah's gorgeous vocals which have a smooth raspy touch that beautifully enhances the raw emotion of her relatable storytelling. Holy is a song about self-destructive behaviour and struggling with loneliness, eventually focusing on her faith in God and realising she needed to pull her life together. This is a song about holding on to faith, be it in God or something else, and do your best to get out of a dark place in life stronger and wiser. A song that I think many of us can relate to, especially when going through a tough time in life it is easier to let dark thoughts rule our minds, but it's that hopeful touch and holding on to something that will allow us to recover and get back on track. This relatable song is flawlessly delivered through Òlah Bliss's stunning vocals that are backed by lush, emotive piano chords that are seamlessly paired with haunting, dreamy harmonies, groovy, trap-inspired beat and cool rhythms that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for a laid-back, introspective day.



Speaking about the song, Òlah Bliss said, 
 I’ve written this song during the lowest point of the year. Despite the joy my musical abilities bring, they also inflict profound misery. The current state of the music industry is disheartening for any genuine artist unwilling to churn out fast-food, microwavable tunes. I've unquestionably hit rock bottom, discovering a scarcity of reliable confidants. Some friends, aware of my addictive tendencies, adopted an unusual approach to my despondency. Instead of offering support, they fueled my self-destructive behavior by dragging me to parties and events, exacerbating my struggles.
It reached a point where I felt compelled to engage in a heartfelt conversation with God. Life seemed devoid of meaning, and I battled profound loneliness, grappling with dark thoughts. Yet, as a Christian, contemplating the worst felt sinful, prompting a sincere dialogue with the Almighty. In the end, I entrusted my faith to Him, and He reminded me of His greater plan. I needed to pull my life together, guided by the assurance that God's purpose for me transcends the challenges I face. I knew this was a special song and it deserved an equally amazing music behind it, hence I got in touch with one of my good friends and one of the most talented producers I know - Kevin Gani. I knew immediately he would be the only one to bring this one home and I was not wrong, he turned it into a truly exceptional piece of music.