NESS NOST Shares New Single ‘Slow Quitter’

NESS NOST, the moniker of Canadian singer, songwriter, producer and performer Vanessa Nostbakken, shares her brand new single Slow Quitter, a smooth indie-pop/rock song taken from her highly-anticipated EP, Working Hours, set to arrive in February. 
The follow up to last year's The Regular, Slow Quitter finds the talented artist singing about a woman working in nightlife, getting caught up in substance abuse and a lifestyle that becomes too fast paced for her own good. She's screwing up, and if she keeps it up her dreams will slip away. I am a fan of how a talented storyteller NESS NOST is and how her storytelling is flawlessly delivered through her rich, expressive vocals which effortlessly capture the listener's attention from start to finish. Apart from her gorgeous vocals and storytelling, I am particularly fond of the steady drum patterns and how they are nicely paired with subtle piano keys and intricate guitars and bass that together create such a warm, comforting atmosphere that makes the song perfect for a laid-back day home alone.