Melanie Wehbe & Paul Rey Share New Single ‘Arrows’

Swedish singer and songwriter Melanie Wehbe has teamed up with fellow Swedish artist, songwriter and producer Paul Rey to deliver her first duet Arrows, a beautiful, heartfelt pop song. 
Out now on Freebird Entertainment, Arrows is a unique duet that finds both artists beautifully showcasing their gorgeous, passionate vocals and harmonies which exude so much emotion that effortlessly connect us to their relatable storytelling. Arrows is a song about the fear of letting yourself be vulnerable again to someone, the fear of letting someone in again and how you do all you can from feeling the pain of heartache. A powerful song that encourages listeners to let go of that fear and open our hearts to love again, a message that is flawlessly conveyed through their gorgeous vocals which glide seamlessly over lush synths, strings and an infectious thumping beat that together create such a heartwarming atmosphere perfect to get us in a romantic mood in no time.



Speaking about the song, Melanie Wehbe said,
Arrows is about the fear of daring to love and let someone in again and how you do everything to try to protect yourself from feeling that pain after losing someone. Just as the song continues on, so does the story and that's the beauty of love, that all of a sudden someone comes, when you least expect it, and opens your heart again. To be able to release my first duet with such a great person, artist and VOICE feels really good! From the first note, Paul sets the mood and I'm so happy that more people can finally hear Arrows, which we put together in the studio two years ago. I really love this song!

Paul Rey added,
This song means a lot to me and I'm so happy and excited to release it with Melanie! She's such a genuine and warm person, and absolutely magical as an artist, songwriter and singer!