Matilde G Shares New Single ‘7 Oceans’

Italian, Siganpore-based pop artist Matilde G has just shared her brand new single 7 Oceans, an emotional, piano-based pop song out now via Universal Music. 
7 Oceans is a beautiful ballad that finds Matilde G singing about the challenges of love stretched across continents, a sentiment many can relate to in an era of global connections and distant affections. A love letter across the seas, 7 Oceans finds the talented artist pouring her heart out, beautifully showcasing her passionate vocals and storytelling abilities over a lovely pop production. Apart from her vocals, I am particularly fond of the emotive piano chords seamlessly intertwined with lush strings, expansive synths and drum patterns that build up in pace and energy to match the emotion pouring from her voice. Accompanying the release is a visually stunning black and white music video, shot in Sicily. The black and white aesthetic of the video reflects the timeless nature of our emotions, capturing the essence of love that transcends both space and time.