Luna Keller Shares New Single ‘Patterns’

Germany-based singer and songwriter Luna Keller shares her brand new single Patterns, the latest track to be lifted from her highly anticipated album, Ocean Inside Of Me. 
Patterns follows the narrative of the first two chapters, exploring the journey of self- awareness, the weight of inner turmoil, and the struggle to push through. However, this chapter delves deeper, addressing the bitter realization of repeating the same mistakes and unhealthy coping methods despite the awareness of their detrimental effects. 
I am loving Luna Keller's smooth, expressive vocals and how they soar beautifully over the captivating indie-folk production, beautifully encouraging listeners to embrace their own complexities and find solace in the universal struggle toward self-discovery. A powerful affirmation of self-acceptance, Patterns is backed by a memorable production with intricate guitars, steady rhythms and a circus vibe that together make this quite a memorable and enthralling listening experience. I am particularly fond of the echoing harmonies and accordion throughout the song which infuse it with a dreamy, somewhat melancholic and introspective atmosphere that makes Patterns perfect for a rainy weekend home alone. 
Throughout its accompanying music video, Luna is carried across Latvian landscapes, dreaming of past memories filmed in Tenerife. The symbolic portrayal of Luna being carried while falling in and out of consciousness serves as a metaphor for the numb and helpless sensation associated with being trapped in self-destructive cycles that are challenging to break.