LO LA Shares New Single ‘happy 4 u’

Los Angeles-based recording artist LO LA shares her brand new single happy 4 u, an infectious electro-pop cut that dives deep into the complexities of love. 
I am really ennoying her gorgeous, confident vocal delivery which explores the aftermath of a fractured connection, laying bare the intense emotions associated with heartbreak. The verses unfold as with storytelling that weaves through unanswered questions and the lasting echoes of a once-intense relationship. LO LA invites listeners to grapple with the complexities of moving on, all this wrapped around a memorable electro-pop production that features a thumping, driving beat, expansive synths and rhythmic melodies that create an overall upbeat, confident atmosphere. Listeners are invited to grapple with the complexities of moving on as LO LA weaves a poignant narrative of love's complexities.



Speaking about the song, LO LA said, 
'happy 4 u' is a voyage through the complexities of love and its resulting pain. Each note is like a piece of my own story. When I wrote 'happy 4 u,' I was digging into that messy post-breakup stuff, trying to turn it into a song that everyone could feel in their own way.