Kellie Loder Shares New Single ‘When We Kiss’

JUNO Award nominee Kellie Loder (they/them) share their brand new single When We Kiss, a lovely indie/singer-songwriter gem out now on turtlemusik. 
A song about being so infatuated with someone that the world seems to disappear when you kiss them, When We Kiss finds Kellie beautifully showcasing their effortless storytelling abilities and gorgeous, expressive vocals which exude so much emotion and soul that is impossible not to fall in love with. A romantic gem that is accompanied by intricate acoustic guitar riffs nicely paired with delicate, emotive piano keys and steady drum patterns, creating an overall comforting, intimate atmosphere perfect for those laid-back weekend with your special someone.



Speaking about the song, Kellie Loder said, 
 I feel as though it’s the closest thing to my heart on the record. I can still feel the feelings I felt all those years ago when I listen to it. It’s also the first song I’ve written that will be released and that’s obviously about a girl. It’s a huge checkmark in sharing who I really am with the world, sexuality and all. For so many years, I would censor or change pronouns of the person I was writing about to not out myself. In this song, I don’t hold back at all and it’s refreshing.