JT Roach Shares New Single ‘New Love’

American singer and songwriter JT Roach shares his brand new single New Love, the latest single to be taken from his latest album, Death As A Lover, which is out today. 
I am loving how the song starts with echoing harmonies and how they create a dreamy, somewhat ethereal atmosphere that sets the tone for the whole song. Apart from those gorgeous, echoing harmonies, I am particularly fond of the lush strings which are seamlessly paired with intricate guitar riffs, subtle beat and a warm sax that come together to make a warm, intimate listening experience. A song about love or about entering heaven after death, New Love's dual meaning is a characteristic of JT Roach's album which allows listeners to interpret songs in a way that seems closer to them. A memorable and hypnotic piece of music perfect for a reflective, laid-back day home alone.