Gerhardt Shares New Single ‘Snowflake’

Multi coloured musician, songwriter and producer Gerhardt shares his new single Snowflake, a comforting and dreamy piece of music out now on Gerries Imaginarium Recordings. 
Almost 25 years in the making, Snowflake was finished with the adding of a dreamy choir part that beautifully enhances the soul and emotion of his storytelling. Snowflake is a song about trying to motivate someone to break open, to be who they truly are, a relatable message flawlessly conveyed through a rich, amazing vocal performance that exudes raw emotion and soul. Apart from the rich vocals and dreamy choir and ethereal harmonies, I am particularly fond of the delicate guitar plucks throughout the song and warm rhythms that together create a warm, comforting atmosphere perfect for those laid-back, introspective days home alone.