Eleanor Hammond Shares New Single ‘Golden Pony’
Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Eleanor Hammond has just shared her brand new single Golden Pony, a contemplative and energetic piece of alt-country music. 
Written about growing up in Hollywood and feeling a constant pressure to be "someone", Golden Pony is Eleanor's way to speak about how many artists are chasing the elusive and mysterious beast we call "fame", and how probably isn't worth getting anyway. Eleanor finishes in a positive, motivational note that encourages us to chase our dreams while having in mind they may not make us perfectly happy in the end. A relatable storytelling flawlessly delivered through her rich, expressive vocals and dynamic delivery that exudes raw emotion and confidence, gliding beautifully over the intricate guitar riffs and punchy drum patterns. A memorable listening experience with an infectious hook perfect for radios and for reflective days home alone. 
Accompanying the release, Eleanor Hammond shares its striking music video, shot by William Chapin, which you can check out below!