Dylan Galvin Shares New Single ‘How to Write a Pop Song’

American singer, songwriter Berklee College of Music graduate Dylan Galvin shares his brand new single How to Write a Pop Song, a nostalgic slightly funky synth-pop satire that playfully jabs at the Music Industry. 
Also serving as an omage to Dylan's independent music tastemakers, How to Write a Pop Song is a very catchy piece of music that showcases the love/hate relationship many people have with pop music and how pop is fun, catchy and often associated with good times in our lives. I am a fan of many genres, but I have to admit that I always tend to lean to a pop aproach in music, guess I'm a sucker for catchy hooks and melodies perfect to get us in a good mood and sing along to. Dylan's passionate vocals exude raw emotion and soar effortlessly over the upbeat melodies that features gorgeous guitar riffs throughout, seamlessly paired with punchy drum patterns and expansive synths. A fun song perfect for radios and for a fun weekend. Check it out below!