Dover Lynn Fox Shares New Single ‘Winter Son’

Canadian singer and songwriter Dover Lynn Fox shares her brand new single Winter Son, a stunning blend of indie and Americana pop elements at its best. 
This sweeping song finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing her gorgeous vocals, which are anchored by her earthy alto allowing the gracefulness of higher notes to shine through. Winter Son allows Dover Lynn Fox to reminisce during the plights of trauma, a relatable storytelling wrapped around a warm production that is guaranteed to keep us warm during the coldest of times. Apart from her rich vocals and effortless lyricism, I am particularly fond of the lush, intricate guitar riffs which are seamlessly paired with steady drum patterns and delicate, yet emotive piano chords that come together to create a memorable and enthralling listening experience perfect for those cold days home alone thinking about life. Have a listen to this gem below!



Speaking about the song, Dover said, 
When I sat down to write “Winter Son” my mind was a flurry and there was a heaviness in my chest. My father had been diagnosed with cancer and there were a lot of unknowns. My initial intention (though songwriting doesn’t always feel intentional to me) was to write a song about the sadness and fear that I felt. And then I began writing and a different story took form, one without fear or darkness, but instead light, connection and faith. It’s a tapestry of all of the places that are meaningful to me, and of all the people who I have loved the most, and the ones I wish I would have loved more.