Ceara Cavalieri Shares New Single ‘My Favorite’

Californian singer and songwriter Ceara Cavalieri has just shared her brand new single My Favorite, a cheeky and playful ode to wicked fun love affair and the bad boy/girl. 
I am really enjoying the energy of the song and how it is giving me early 2000s pop/punk-rock, coming-of-age movie vibes with its soaring guitars and confident vocal delivery. This is one of those songs that the minute you press play you get a boost of energy and confidence to carry on with your day. Ceara's vocals are super smooth, but they exude so much passion and confidence, instantly infusing the song with an anthemic touch. My Favorite is a song about dating a bad boy and how exhilarating it can be, even though you know it probably won't end well. A message wrapped around a high-enery pop-rock production with soaring guitars and punchy drum beats.



Ceara confides,
The song is about the adventures I experienced while dating this bad boy and the trouble we got into together. When you start falling for a bad boy, you know it probably won't end well, but it's so fun and exhilarating that you don't care because the highs are so good. When I really like someone, I am the queen of ignoring red flags, and I knew this guy was showing some warning signs, but in the moment, I didn't care because he was "My Favorite" person.