Aloysius Bell Shares New Single ‘Wreckage’

Aloysius Bell (a·lo·wish·us bell), the alter ego of Winnipeg-born, Montreal-based singer-songwriter Annick Brémault, shares her brand new single Wreckage, a super smooth, soulful piece of Contemporary R&B. 
Taken from her debut EP Warm Thing, which is se to arrive on February 2nd, Wreckage finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing her rich, soulful vocals and songwriting abilities over a captivating blend of pop, R&B and electro influences. This is a song about the sentiments that follow an argument with one's partner with Aloysius Bell's vocals being the stand out of the song, effortlessly creating a warm and soulful atmosphere drenched with raw emotion and soul, feelings beautifully wrapped around a captivating production that pairs steady drum patterns with bright, shimmering synths and bass. The overall atmosphere of the song is perfect for a laid-back summer's day out in nature or home alone! Check out a stunning live session of this gem below!



Speaking about the song, Aloysius Bell said, 
Sometimes you just don’t get along with your person and you have to vent. I guess I find it funny how we can become so petulant and childish in times of conflict with the people we love - in the moment you can be furious and the next day you can barely remember why.