Roman Deuz Unveils New Single ‘Alas’

Finland-based singer and songwriter Roman Deuz shares his brand new single Alas, a super smooth, laid-back piece of indie-pop music. 
Alas finds the talented artist telling the story of a person who is awkward in life and love, leading to a series of misfortunes, yet they remain unfazed by these setbacks. This storytelling is flawlessly conveyed through his silky smooth, expressive vocals which glide nonchalantly over the chilled out production that pairs fuzzy and bass guitars with steady drum patterns and groovy rhythms that together create an overall sun-soaked, laid-back atmosphere. 
Accompanying the release, Roman Deuz shares its captivating summer video, directed by Daria Kuznetsova, Kirill Zotov, which Roman himself is featured as the main character in the video. Check it out below!