Harmogy Shares New Single ‘Lay You Down’

Harmogy, the moniker of German musician, producer and DJ Kai Würtenberger, shares his brand new single Lay You Down, an infectious, mid-tempo, pop-infused R&B gem out now via KAMAPRO. 
This new offering finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing his talents to create alluring and memorable pieces of music packed with rhythm and emotion. I am particularly fond of those lush, soulful vocals and how passionately they glide over the groovy, infectious production. We can feel the emotion pouring from those vocals and I am really enjoying how they are backed by captivating rhythms, groovy bass, delicate guitar plucks and infectious melodies that together create an overall sensual and blissful atmosphere perfect to get you in a good mood and dancing to it in no time. Check it out below!