Tash Shares New Single ‘Rachel and Ross’

Australian singer, songwriter, and guitarist Tash shares her brand new single Rachel and Ross, a captivating, soulful piece of indie pop/contemporary r&b music out now via Hitmakers Entertainment. 
I am loving her velvety voice which exudes so much soul and emotion that effortlessly connects the listeners to her deeply personal lyrics. Rachel and Ross draws inspirations from the Friends TV show characters and it showcases an escape and a way to distract herself from real problems. A song wrapped around a bold production that pairs lush guitar plucks seamlessly paired with groovy percussive elements and rhythms that together create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!



Tash shares her inspiration for the track: 
'Rachel and Ross' draws its inspiration from my love for the TV show 'Friends,' which has become my go-to comfort show. I've watched it countless times, finding solace in it when I'm anxious or overwhelmed. In the song, I reference the show as a way to express how I sometimes choose to distract myself from real problems.