As a dance fanatic always on the prowl for the next EDM gem, Secret Wish's 'Voodoo Nights' is an electrifying hit which arrives with a bang! From the pulsating vocals that ignites a rapid heartbeat to the hypnotic beats that weave an enchanting spell, this track is a dancefloor anthem that refuses to be ignored.

The alluring atmosphere created by Secret Wish evokes the mystique of voodoo spirits, immersing us in a bewitching and mysterious nightlife experience. The vocals by Heidi Pintens, supported by Kurt Vervaet, transport you to a realm where every moment is a celebration of the exotic and anything can happen.

Drawing inspiration from EDM luminaries like David Guetta and Avicii, 'Voodoo Nights' blends modern elements of Pop and Dance. Recorded at The Cavern Studios in Belgium and mastered at MTV Music Studios in Los Angeles, the track boasts pristine production quality that captures the essence of Secret Wish's vision.

You can listen below.