Olive Louise Unveils New Single ‘Special’

New York-based singer and songwriter Olive Louise has just shared her brand new single Special, a haunting indie-pop gem. 
I am a fan of Olive Louise expressive, heartfelt vocals which exude so much raw emotion and soul, effortlessly connecting us to her relatable storytelling. Special was written about an amalgamation of experiences where she felt nervous and out of place and had wished she could feel comfortable as herself rather than instantly wishing to leave. The song's a dedication to all the misfits out there and those that are yearning to feel more self assured. This is definitely a song I can relate to and I think many of you will too. Backing her hauntingly beautiful vocals and harmonies we have emotive piano keys that are seamlessly intertwined with a catchy beat and drum patterns that together create an overall warm, intimate atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song Olive confides, 
I created this character in the song, this perfect person, that comes along, understands how I’m feeling, and says “let’s go look at the view” because that’s what I had almost always wished for in those times.