Movie Night Share New Single ‘Something’ ft. Tish Hyman

NYC-based trio Movie Night, consisting of Mike Squillante (guitar/vocals), Nick Squillante (keys), and Steve Ranellone (drums), share their brand new single Something an uplifting and hopeful alt-pop/rock song! 
Featuring vocals from Grammy nominated artist Tish Hyman, Something is a self-love, personal empowerment anthem packed with so much energy that is guaranteed to brighten up your day in no time. The song shares a message to never give up hope to create positive change in the world through empathy no matter how bad it gets. This message is beautifully delivered through Mike Squillante and Tish Hyman's powerful, passionate vocals that soar effortlessly over a high-energy production that pairs soaring guitar riffs with punchy drums and rhythms that together create an overall blissful and uplifting atmosphere! Check it out below!