Lockyer Boys Share New Single ‘DRIVE!’

Lockyer Boys - the project of Canadian brothers Will and Charlie Lockyer - share their brand new single DRIVE!, an upbeat electro-pop cut. 
I am loving the song's retro vibes and how it is packed with energy and feel-good vibes, making it a great song to get one hyped up for the weekend. The passionate vocals soar effortlessly over the fast-paced production that features retro synths, vibrant guitars and infectious percussive elements that together create an overall exhilarating, feel-good pop sound. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Lockyer Boys said,
‘DRIVE!’ is about taking your shot, much like we are doing with our career. It’s about being confident, brave, and giving 100%. We think it ties into our overarching theme of spreading positivity and inspiration, but it can also be interpreted as a love song.