Jennarie Shares Debut Single ‘My Body Treats Me Better’

Montreal-born, Toronto-based queer pop artist Jennarie is ready to explode onto the scene with her debut single, My Body Treats Me Better, a funky, electro-pop song exuding feel good vibes. 
I am really enjoying her soulful, soaring vocals which effortlessly convey the soul and emotion of her uplifting storytelling. My Body Treats Me Better shares a message of self-love, body positivity and finding beauty in one’s own individuality. This storytelling is wrapped around a captivating production that pairs electro-pop, soul and funk elements with lush brass elements and groovy rhythms that create an overall warm, uplifting atmosphere perfect to get you in a good mood and singing along to it in no time. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Jennaire said,
‘My Body Treats Me Better’ is a funky pop anthem I wrote about body liberation, self-love, unlearning harmful societal scripts and liberating ourselves from self-loathing and insecurity. It's the perfect feel-good bop and features real instruments, including saxophone, guitar, bass, electric piano and drums. The music and the message are the perfect pick-me-up for any time of day, and the retro pop vibe is sure to catch the ears of anyone who listens.