Eden Rain Shares New Single ‘All Things Change’

London-based, Leeds-born singer and songwriter Eden Rain shares her brand new single All Things Change, a captivating alt-pop song written during the bleak period of isolation that was universally endured in the midst of the pandemic. 
Taken from her upcomign EP But I'm Alright Now, set to arrive on November 24th, All Things Change is a poetically striking song that finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing her storytelling and rich vocal abilities. Through employing her imaginative way with words, Eden communicates the mantras she tells herself in order to get through these challenging times. I am absolutely in love with how expressive her vocal delivery is, exuding so much raw emotion and passion that beautifully connects listeners to her relatable storytelling. Backing her vocals we have a memorable production that pairs dreamy atmospherics with haunting harmonies, subtle piano keys, cool percussive elements and lush guitar plucks that together create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for a reflective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Eden Rain said, 
This is one of my most special songs. I wrote it following a dramatic winter in the covid era which was jam packed full of life drama. It was like a bad and traumatic episode of ‘Girls’… if all of them were in a mass pandemic. Everything was imploding and I was going THROUGH it on an almost comical level. The thing I tried to remind myself the whole time was that all things change and all things pass and nothing stays the same forever. It was literally a mantra for me. I was also falling in love for the first time so while I wanted everything else to move on, all I really wanted was to be frozen in time with that person. I revisited this song a few months ago and realized how everything I’d written in the second verse that I was struggling with and thought would never change- had actually changed and moved on, so I rewrote the lyrics to the ones that they are today.