Caroline Romano Shares New Single ‘girl in a china shop’

Nashville-based alt-pop artist Caroline Romano returns with her brand new single girl in a china shop, a soaring, high-energy pop-rock song. 
An emotional rollercoaster of a song, girl in a china shop is packed with passion and confidence, being perfect for those moments when you need that extra dose of energy and passion. Caroline Romano's powerful vocals and passionate vocal delivery draw the listeners to a chaotic rush of emotions one feels in relationships and how easily we can get hurt in life. I am also very fond of the way Caroline juxtaposes the song’s explosive, untempered chorus with stripped-back, reflective verses. Apart from her gorgeous vocals and storytelling, I am particularly fond of the intricate guitar plucks throughout the song and how the chorus features punchy drum patterns and soaring electric guitar riffs that effortlessly match the emotion pouring from her vocals. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Caroline Romano said, 
I often feel like I break everything I touch. I’ve come to view myself as one major juxtaposition. One thing I’ve learned is that as life moves on, things get broken in the process. Whether it’s relationships, or my own heart, I’ve come to realize that it’s all too easy to shatter either one by my own hand. At times it’s left me feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and with my own footing. ‘girl in a china shop is my attempt at acknowledging that, in a way that summarizes the chaotic feeling that is navigating myself and other’s emotions.