BANNERS Shares New Single ‘Anywhere For You’

Award-winning Liverpudlian artist Michael Nelson aka BANNERS shares his brand new single Anywhere For You, an emotionally-charged ballad out now via Nettwerk Music. 
I am loving how passionate and powerful his vocal delivery is, exuding so much raw, honest emotion that effortlessly connects us to his relatable storytelling. Anywhere For You sees BANNERS exploring the more tender and heartfelt side to his sound, singing about being there for someone, through thick and thin. A powerful message backed by a piano-led production that sets the perfect soundscape for his rapturous voice to soar, instantly giving me the feels and getting me excited to want to share it with you. I am particularly fond of the build up of energy in the bridge with lush strings seamlessly paired with memorable, punchy drum patterns that beautifully enhance the emotion pouring from his voice. Have a listen to this heartfelt ballad bellow!



Speaking about the new offering, he said, 
Life is a journey and it's going to have its ups and downs. No relationship is simple and nothing worth doing is ever easy. Sometimes you have to let someone know that you're going to be there through it all. I decided to do that in a song but feel free to just actually tell someone to their face if you're not cripplingly shy like me. I'm hiding behind big strings and dramatic drums here but you do you. A phone message might be a nice compromise.