Zoya Zafar Shares New Single ‘Tunnel Vision’

Pakistan-born, Florida-raised self-taught musician and singer Zoya Zafar shares her new single Tunnel Vision, the first single to be taken from her upcoming album Some Songs. 
Co-written and producerd by Max Helgemo, Tunnel Vision is a shimmer of dream-pop buoyancy that finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing her smooth, delicate vocals over a captivating, laid-back production. The song exudes so much warmth and charm that instantly got me in a good, relaxed mood and excited to share it with you. Backing her gorgeous vocals we have a gentle acoustic guitar seamlessly paired with layered vocals, cool rhythms, subtle electric guitar plucks, steady drum beats and synths that together create an overall comforting, laid-back atmosphere perfect for a relaxing day home alone. Check it out below!