Mykyl Shares New Single ‘Ceasefire’

American singer, songwriter and producer Mykyl (pronounced My·kull) shares his brand new single Ceasefire, an emotionally-charged alt-pop gem out now via jvrecords. 
As soon as I heard his voice I knew I was going to love this song. Mykyl's tone and delivery exudes so much soul and emotion that effortlessly draws our attention to this emotional commentary on the state of world affairs; how we so often choose warfare over peace and contention over unity. It's also a song about how many times in relationships we escalate seemingly trivial disagreements in service of our pride, instead of focusing on nurturing a connection. A very relatable message that is flawlessly delivered through his gorgeous, passionate vocal delivery which glides beautifully over intricate guitar riffs that are seamlessly paired with a punchy beat, lush strings, slowly building into an explosive climax that matches the raw emotion pouring from his vocal performance. Check it out below!