Maur Share New Single ‘My Love’ ft. FABER

Rising UK duo Maur, consisting of artists Dan Clare and Dylan May, are back with My Love, a larger-than-life club anthem featuring the gorgeous vocals of London-based singer/songwriter FABER. 
Out now via Sola Records, My Love is an electrifying piece of music that instantly got me energised and ready to face another long weekend. FABER'S powerhouse, soulful vocals are beautifully paired with Maur's pulsating musicality, carving out a nostalgic cut rife with old-school house flavours, riveting gritty sonics and high-octane grooves from start to finish. Those old-school house piano chords are definitely what got me hooked to the song and I love how they are perfectly paired with killer percussive elements and synths that create such a high-energy, euphoric atmosphere perfect to get everybody dancing in no time. Have a listen to this gem below!