Little Lies Share New Single ‘Roadblocks’

Swedish indie/rock duo Little Lies, the passion project from established musicians and friends Mikael Nordgren and Anna Maria Espinosa, share their brand new single Roadblocks, a disco-inspired indie-rock track out now via Cosmos Music. 
I am really enjoying the energy of the song and how uplifting the message is, encouraging listeners to break free and go for the life they want and crush whatever is standing in the way. A powerful, uplifting storytelling beautifully delivered by Anna Maria Espinosa's passionate, expressive vocals which glide effortlessly over an infectious blend of disco, pop and rock elements. Apart from her vocals, I am particularly fond of the disco grooves, shimmering synths, lush guitar licks and groovy beats that together create an overall upbeat, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



The band said about the track
‘Roadblocks’ is about breaking free, going for the life you want and crushing whatever is standing in the way. Musically it’s a fusion of spaced-out rock, inspired by giants like Bowie and Fleetwood Mac mixed with the pulsating disco grooves of pioneers like Giorgio Moroder & Chic. This, together with a spooky Twin Peaks vibe, makes ‘Roadblocks’ a track for the dance floor as well as a night drive through the city.