Lindsey Hinkle Shares New Single ‘Sense of Reality’

Self-taught Folk-Americana singer/songwriter and recording artist Lindsey Hinkle shares her brand new single Sense of Reality, a heartwarming story about unexpected love. 
Out now via Listen Hear Woman, Sense of Reality finds the talented artist singing about a crush she had and how she felt it was never going to happen, until she found out it was reciprocal. I hope one day I can experience this feeling of having a crush on someone and find out they too have a crush on me. This is a song that speaks to the heart and shows how a gifted storyteller and singer Lindsey Hinkle is. I love the tone of her voice which exudes soul and raw emotion, soaring beautifully over the intricate acoustic guitar-based melody that together create such a warm and endearing atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day with a special someone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Lindsey Hinkle said, 
I wrote this song about a crush I had on a co-worker. I had a photo I took of us and realized I was in love with someone, who I thought, was way out of my league. Turns out she wasn’t and that feeling was surreal - like no high I’d ever felt at the time. Playing this song for her launched what would be the beginning of my longest relationship to date.