Kyle Richardson Shares Emotional Ballad ‘Keep the Faith’

Canadian LGBTQIA+ pop artist Kyle Richardson shares his brand new single Keep the Faith, a soulful, emotional ballad about holding on and seeing that brighter days are ahead. 
The follow up to his anthemic pop gem Fight the Good Fight, Keep the Faith is the latest single to be taken from his debut album, Louder Than Words, which is out now. I am loving how passionate and emotional his vocal delivery is, beautifully capturing our attention to his hopeful storytelling. Enhancing the song's warm, emotional atmosphere we have a captivating production (by Jeff Dawson) that pairs soulful piano keys with subtle percussive elements, lush, cinematic strings and a tinge of gospel that create a heartfelt, powerful listening experience.



Richardson says,
My longtime mentor Nancy Nash had a dream that I wrote a song called ‘Keep the Faith’ and that it would be really impactful for me. I took her insight, added my own perspective, and presented a home demo to my producer Jeff Dawson. We fine-tuned the lyrics and chord progressions and created a soulful piano ballad with a tinge of a gospel. It’s about holding on in moments of darkness and knowing that everybody struggles. I feel that knowing you’re not alone and having that extra encouragement to make it through can help us all see that there are brighter days to come. It fits in with the broader uplifting nature of my album.