Eleanor Hammond Shares New Single ‘Hidden Wounds’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Eleanor Hammond has just shared her brand new single Hidden Wounds, a captivating pop gem about struggling with mental health issues. 
I am a fan of Eleanor Hammond's rich, commanding vocals which exude so much soul and emotion that instantly makes us feel each and every single word she is singing. Hidden Wounds is a song about grief, longing and depression, trying to offer some comfort to those struggling with their mental health. This message is wrapped around a memorable Kate Bush-inspired atmosphere with dark-pop elements, lush piano keys, groovy guitars and steady drum patterns that build up in energy to match the emotion pouring from her stellar vocal performance and give us a danceable touch that makes the song stand out even more. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Eleanor Hammond said, 
I wrote Hidden Wounds for anyone struggling secretly alone with their mental health, wishing I could offer them a magical cure. I also wanted to make it so you could dance along to the isolating experience of depression, as the relationship is not always just dark and sombre all the time.