Suazo Shares New Single ‘Sleepless’

Californian DJ & producer Suazo shares his brand new single Sleepless, a dark, hypnotic piece of Melodic Techno & House music! 
This is one of those songs perfect for a late night set when everybody is completely surrendered to its hypnotic groove and rhythms. Sleepless finds the talented artist exploring a new deep melodic sound, taking inspiration from his experience of travelling Japan by train with its mesmerising scenery and sleep deprivation. I am really enjoying the female vocal topline which infuses the song with a touch of soul and emotion, beautifully contrasting with the killer driving beat, lush percussive elements and expansive synths. The overall atmosphere of the song is dark, with raw emotion and rhythms perfect for those who embrace the night. A great song for a night drive or to dance to with eyes closed, fully immersed in its magical world. Check it out below!