OURAA Shares Hopeful New Single ‘Just Breathe’

London born and raised R&B singer-songwriter OURAA makes her highly anticipated return with the release of her new single Just Breathe, a hopeful and empowering anthem. 
Joined on the track by UK rapper and producer TEE, Just Breathe showcases a far more vulnerable side to the multi-faceted artist than her fans may be used to. The song explores mental health and the importance of knowing you’re not alone in the way you’re feeling, telling us to just breathe and that things will be alright. This is definitely what I needed right now as I've been struggling with my current reality and at times I feel too anxious like I can't even breathe. 
This hopeful message is beautifully conveyed through OURAA's powerful, soulful vocals which fit beautifully with TEE's effortless flow. The whole production is quite memorable and comforting with killer bass, emotive piano chords, echoing harmonies and lush rhythms that together create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere perfect to make us feel safe and hopeful. 
Speaking about the song OURAA says,
I felt like I was at a standstill for a very long time. I felt like my music wasn’t reaching who it needed to reach, and it all started to feel like a waste of time and money - being an independent artist. I realised that I just couldn’t afford to release music anymore without funding, but with dyslexia and ADHD, the application forms are nearly impossible. I got to a point where I wanted to re-identify my purpose in life, so I started therapy for my depression and social anxiety, and started going to church a lot more. Things just started falling back into place. I realised that my time with music wasn’t over, and that my purpose in life is to help people - someone out there needs to hear it for their own healing too.
To accompany the track, OURAA also releases a DIY music video featuring other creatives lip syncing to the song.
I reached out to other creatives that I knew personally or on social media and asked them to be involved. I think the video speaks volumes because it shows that you’re not alone, there are other people going through the same thing and that sense of community can be very healing. I hope that people who watch the music video will feel that sense of community too.