Dune Moss Shares New Single ‘Eyes Inside My Walls’

American artist Dune Moss shares her brand new single Eyes Inside My Walls, an enchanting and cinematic piece of music that gives us a glimpse into her own sorrow. 
I am really enjoying her powerful vocals which are so passionate and packed with raw emotion that is impossible not to feel what she is singing. There's a dreamlike touch I get from her vocals that feels quite magical and perfect for the soundtrack of epic movies. Eyes Inside My Walls finds the talented artist recalling a youth lost to religion-sanctioned oppression and psychological manipulation, a powerful storytelling backed by darkly-hued synths and infectious melodies. The track culminates with the soaring cry "What have I done? What have I done?" - Dune Moss' powerful vocals reveal an explosive resolve to trust her own inner authority. This is such a memorable, enthralling listening experience with a relatable message, stunning vocals and harmonies that make it perfect for a reflective weekend alone. Check it out below!



Dune Moss on Eyes Inside My Walls:
“Eyes Inside My Walls” is a song that reflects one of my deepest scars. I grew up in a religion that pinned me down and restricted many aspects of who I am. In my community, when you turned 8, you were baptized and told that you were at the "age of accountability" with the responsibility to repent of all your sins. I was obligated to repent for being a normal, sexually curious teenager. All the men I confessed my sins to were older and compelled me to describe intimate details about what I did sexually. I was made to recount specifics about all encounters, including merely kissing boys. They twisted my innocence and turned it into shame.
"Eyes Inside My Walls", though, is not about shaming myself. Instead, it’s the raw feeling of anger and sadness for all the years I spent faithfully following their all-male leadership. My childhood and teenage years were spent with the patriarchy’s eyes watching every move I made. Here I am at 22, only now realizing what was done. The patriarchal system within my church imprisoned my soul and influenced every decision I made. As an adult, I am finally on the journey to build myself sexually and spiritually as the woman I want to be from the ground up.