VC Pines Shares New Single ‘SUPERMAN’

VC Pines - the moniker of British singer, songwriter, producer and musician Jack Mercer - has just shared his brand new single SUPERMAN, the latest offering from his eagerly-awaited debut album MRI set to arrive on September 8th via Believe. 

 SUPERMAN finds the talented artist epanding on his internal thoughts of self-sabotage and achieving personal growth, a concurrent theme for this new full-length, highlighting some of the more lesser known experiences surrounding anxiety and doubt. This storytelling is incredibly relatable and is flawlessly delivered through his lush, expressive vocals which soar brightly over the infectious indie-pop production that features intricate guitar lines seamlessly paired with delicate piano chords and groovy rhythms that together create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere enhanced by its accompanying music video, directed by Adrian Lee, which you can check out below! 


Speaking about the new offering, he said,

SUPERMAN is about biting off more than you can chew and self sabotage. There are people in your life who mean more to you than life itself, but you let things get in the way, and you lose sight of what’s important, until it’s too late... It’s also very easy to promise more to those you love, than you can deliver. So you live in this constant state of feeling like you’ve let everyone down, which is a dark dark place.