Theo Tams Shares New Single ‘Parallel Universe’

Canadian singer and songwriter Theo Tams is back with his brand new single Parallel Universe, an upbeat, feel-good piece of Contemporary R&B out now via Hidden Pony Records. 
I am a fan of Theo's luscious, soulful tone and how it effortlessly commmands the listener's attention to his storytelling. Parallel Universe explores the concept of soulmates and all the myriad directions our connections can go in. It's a song about wondering what our lives would look like if we never met someone special or lived somewhere different. A relatable message beautifully wrapped around a sultry production that features groovy rhythms, killer beats and a memorable chorus perfect to sing along to. Have a listen to this blissful, soulful piece of music below!



Speaking about the song, Theo Tams said, 
I get super inspired by travel and I was in the beginning stages of planning my wedding at the time. I just started thinking all of those thoughts like ‘What if we never met?’ What if I lived here instead? What would my life look like?’ 
The song’s sultry production and vocals capture what Tams describes as 
that flirtatious energy that comes with travelling and being somewhere new, the feeling that you can be whoever you want to be when you’re out of your comfort zone.