Sophia Alexa Shares New Single ‘Hall Pass’

London-based, German-American singer and songwriter Sophia Alexa has just shared her brand new single Hall Pass, a lovely folk-inspired pop song. 
Her first track of 2023, Hall Pass is a song about self-sabotage and how many of us already assume things are bound to fall apart so we give ourselves a hall pass as a way to protect us from the pain of being hurt. I am one of those people that always feel suspicious when things are going well, expecting for that moment when all will crumble down. This message is flawlessly delivered through Sophia Alexa's stunning vocals, packed with raw emotion, which are backed by intricate guitar lines seamlessly paired with a memorable beat. The overall atmosphere of the song is quite comforting and warm perfect for an introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



On the story behind the creation of Hall Pass Sophia shares; 
I wrote hall pass because I wanted to capture the feeling of self-sabotage. I’ve always had this fear that when something is going too well I’m just waiting for it to fall apart. It’s almost a form of protection and being okay with someone leaving before you get hurt, which is why I loved the title hall pass, it’s giving someone an out.