Risa Kumon Shares New Single ‘Nothing Can Change This Love’

Japanese singer, Songwriter, & Radio personality Risa Kumon shares her brand new single Nothing Can Change This Love, a soul-stirring ballad taken from her multicultural new album Ri-Verse which is out now. 
This timeless song evokes healing and inspiration, carrying a beautifully groovy rendition of a classic by the legendary soul singer, Sam Cooke. What I like the most about this song is its warm and intimate atmosphere and how passionate and soulful Risa Kumon's powerful vocals sound, soaring beautifully over the intricate guitar-based melodies. I am a sucker for stripped back songs as they allow us to focus on the storytelling and vocals, and this version is definitely a soulful experience with a timeless atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing day home alone. Check it out below!