Rachel Bochner Shares New Single ‘You Don’t Want Me Like That’

New York-based alt-pop artist Rachel Bochner shares her new single You Don’t Want Me Like That, the latest single to be lifted from her new 6-track EP, It's Not Me, It's U, out today on Handwritten Records. 
I am really enjoying Rachel's confident vocals which soar effortlessly over the upbeat electro-pop production. You Don't Want Me Like That is a song about unrequited love and realising that person you've been losing sleep over isn't worth your time. This relatable message is wrapped around an upbeat, energetic production that pairs an infectious beat with lush synths and catchy rhythms that together create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Rachel said, 

If my life was a movie, this is the song I'd be singing into a hairbrush, dancing around my room after realizing that the guy I was losing sleep over is literally not worth my time. It's about unrequited love, but more in a way when I realize I’ve been romanticizing someone in my head for months while they were giving me the bare minimum. When I began writing it, that repetitive, intrusive thought-like inspired chorus felt so reflection of the involuntarily obsessive nature of trying to get over your feelings for someone. In all of its chaotic glory, I feel like this track is a pretty accurate glimpse into what you’d hear bouncing around inside my head.