Lxy & Jizoo Share New Single ‘Love On’

Luxembourg-based artists Lxy and Jizoo team up to gift us with a lovely duet called Love On
I am loving the song's warmth and sensuality and how it sounds perfect for bedroom sessions. Love On is a heartfelt hug to those who try their best to keep themselves going, day by day, through the ups and downs, hanging on to love as their core value. Lxy and Jizoo's rich, soulful vocals fit perfectly together, gliding seamlessly over the infectious Contemporary R&B production. I am also very fond that the song is in English and French, which enhances the emotion and feel-good vibes of their encouraging message. Apart from the vocals, I am really enjoying the guitar plucks throughout, steady beats and rhythms that come together to create an overall warm, sensual atmosphere. Check it out below!