LuxJury Share Debut Single ‘Hot Mess’

London-based indie-pop three piece LuxJury, fronted by lead singer Nicole Fermie, share their official debut single Hot Mess, a breezy alt-pop gem that explores queer love and the complexities of toxic love and addiction. 
I am loving Nicole's rich vocals which ooze so much confidence and sensuality that effortlessly captured my attention to their storytelling. The entire production is incredibly captivating and instantly got me longong for a carefree day out enjoying the sun. Hot Mess is a song about dating someone that keeps stringing you along, making you feel confused and lost, a real hot mess. This message is wrapped around a sensual, sexy production that pairs sun-soaked guitar plucks, steady drum patterns and groovy rhythms that create an overall warm, timeless and laid-back atmosphere perfect for a long drive during sunset. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Nicole Fermie said, 
The track was inspired by a person who I dated that couldn’t make up their mind and kept stringing me along. They’d call me up and coax me to spend all night with them only to ignore me the next day ushering me into an era of sleepless and addictive frenzies. Having moved from a sleepy suburb of Vienna to London, I found myself embracing both my queer identity, and London’s rich music scene. I initially wrote the track as a solo electric guitar piece - thrashy and sassy. I played it to the boys and they instantly had a vision for it to be a driving anthem. The groove naturally wanted to fall into a driving tempo - think cruising down endless highways somewhere through midwestern America where your only entertainment is the radio and massive religious or private healthcare advertising billboards. I want listeners to know that even at your worst, you can still be sexy as hell.