Lorin & Losertown Share New Single "Free Fall"

Dutch DJ/Producer Lorin shares his brand new single Free Fall, an intoxicating Progressive/Deep House cut perfect for a late summer's day. 
Inspired by the energy and atmosphere of the city where he is studying, Free Fall is a blissful piece of electronic music that pairs Lorin's producing skills with Losertown's smooth, angelic vocals. The song shares a message of letting go of control and escaping from an environment where you feel trapped, a relatable song wrapped around a memorable House production. 
Its heartfelt lyrics, beautifully delivered by Losertown's effortless vocal delivery, are backed by lush, expansive synths, intricate guitar lines and percussive elements that together create quite a soothing and joyful atmosphere, instantly giving me the urge to stop what I am doing and just surrender to its infectious energy. A killer song for a late night drive and/or carefree days by the beach away from the noise and others. Definitely a song to unwind after a long, stressful day. 
Directed by Joris Kleintjes & Bart Jan van de Veerdonk, and starring Kai Mundo, the official, cinematic, music video beautifully embodies the song's atmosphere and illustrates a characted breaking free from dependence on others. Check it out below!