Loome Shares New Single ‘THOUGHTS ON U’

Loome, the solo project and pseudonym of Suffolk based multi-instrumentalist, producer and writer, Tomas Frankson, shares his brand new single THOUGHTS ON U, an infectious, breezy summer bop out now via Ambient Lux. 
Taken from his upcoming EP, THOUGHTS ON U is a sparkling alt-pop gem that finds Loome responding to the fact of having the one that broke his heart suddenly showing up and asking how he's been doing. A song drenched in sarcasm that showcases Loome's songwriting abilities and lush, expressive vocals which I absolutely adore. Backing his stunning vocal delivery we have a vibrant production that pairs swelling synths, bright modulated guitar lines, tight punching beats and plucky bass that together create a warm, shimmering soundscape perfect for a laid-back summer's day. Check it out below!



Talking about the single, Loome explains: 
I loved the idea of the person who tore my heart out asking how you’ve been doing… like are you for real?! And then my response being this song. As you would imagine, my response would be drenched in sarcasm. ‘It’s probably for the best, you’re not laying on my chest, you always seemed too obsessed (lol), Honestly what could I expect?’ That response was what drove the whole story. In keeping with the comical nature of the lyrics, I decided the music had to have an upbeat, summery and ‘care-free’ feel. Like a ‘well adjusted’ human, hiding their pain behind humour.