Handsome Ghost Share New Single 'Even On The Darkest Days'

Handsome Ghost, the Massachusetts duo—Tim Noyes [singer, songwriter] and Eddie Byun [multi-instrumentalist, producer], share their brand new single Even On The Darkest Days, a memorable indie-folk song that finds them reflecting on the past decade. 
What I like the most about this song is its warmth and reflective atmosphere, making it perfect for those days home alone with our thoughts. Even On The Darkest Days is a song about their triumphs and loses of the past year, and how they shaped them to who they are now. It shares a positive message that even if there are tough times in life, it's good to be alive and it makes us appreciate the good moments even more. A very relatable song beautifully delivered through Tim's smooth, evocative vocals which soar effortlessly over the intricate guitar riffs and steady drum patterns that create quite a comforting, soothing atmosphere. Check it out below!



Tim of Handsome Ghost shares this about the song, 
The message of the song is simple and positive: Life is inherently good and, even during the tough times, the fact that we're alive and here to experience it all is enough. It's funny now, looking back, because I was a wide-eyed, naive kid when I wrote this one. I don't think I even knew what darkest days even meant. Now, with a lot more experience under my belt and a lot of tough times to speak of, I think I finally get it. And it's true, life is good despite the darkness. This song hits me a lot harder now than it did when I wrote it.