Gabi Sklar Shares New Single ‘Thank God’

Fast-rising pop singer and songwriter Gabi Sklar shares her new single, Thank God, out today on CHAMPAGNE THERAPY MUSIC. 
I am loving the tone of her captivating voice which has a slight raspy touch and dynamic flow that effortlessly enhances the emotion of her relatable storytelling. Thank God is a stunning pop ballad about leaving a toxic relationship and finding freedom and self-assurance on the other side. Apart from her gorgeous vocals and soul-baring lyricism, I am particularly fond of the intricate guitar plucks throughout and blissful melodies that together create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Gabi Sklar said, 
'Thank God' is that first breath of fresh air after coming out of a toxic relationship. It’s not only about coming to terms with that destructive period in your life ending, but it’s also about beginning the process of healing your relationship with yourself.