East Harbor Share New Single ‘Away From You’

Florida-based Alternative-Pop band East Harbor, consisting of Josh Dobson, Robby Savage, David Gonzales, and Curtis Wright, are back with their infectious new single Away From You. 
What I like the most about this song is its blissful, carefree vibes and how it sounds perfect for a fun summer's day. Away From You features unforgettable, passionate vocals and harmonies which are backed by a memorable driving rhythm that instantly makes it an enthralling listening experience. I am also really enjoying the intricate guitar riffs, steady drums and how the song brings back nostalgic 80s summer vibes with a unique modern twist, making Away From You a great song to add to your summer playlists. This is definitely one of those songs that I'd play whenever I want to get in a good mood and just enjoy a carefree day. Have a listen to this gem below!