Amber Westerman Shares New Single ‘Love Is Here’

Nashville-based singer and songwriter Amber Westerman shares her brand new single Love Is Here, the title track of her new crowdfunded EP Love Is Here which is out now! 
What I like the most about this song is its warmth and laid-back vibes, sounding very comforting like a warm embrace. I am really enjoying how Amber Westerman's lovely, smooth vocals flow effortlessly atop the captivating indie-pop/folk production, beautifully drawing our attention to her storytelling. I am particularly fond of the intricate acoustic guitar riffs seamlessly paired with steady drum beats and lovely bird chirping sounds that together create an overall summery, soothing atmosphere perfect for a relaxing weekend. Check it out below!



Speaking about the EP, Amber Westerman said, 
I chose to name this EP 'Love Is Here' because I believe that love is the ultimate gift we've been given, the one thing we will always have access to. It's always available to help us heal from moment to moment, but we have to be willing to surrender, and trust that it is there in the times of fog where it's hard to see; we have to be willing to look for it ourselves.