Young Bombs Share New Single ‘Let You Down’ ft. Deza

Dynamic Canadian duo Young Bombs have just shared their brand new single Let You Down, an exhilarating fusion of pop and dance music out now via Sony Music Canada. 
For this song the talented duo teamed up with singer-songwriter Deza, whose passionate, enchanting vocals infuse the song with a memorable dose of soul and emotion that make it perfect to sing along while dancing. Let You Down's intoxication production envelopes listeners in a kaleidoscope of vibrant beats that are guaranteed to get them loose and surrendered to its magnetic and uplifting atmosphere. The passion from the vocals is enhanced my the irresistible rhythm, lush synths and percussive elements that together create an euphoric, feel-good atmosphere perfect for a carefree weekend out with friends. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Young Bombs said, 
Over the last year, we had many talks about what the future held for Young Bombs. Feeling like there was further expression of our artistry to be discovered, we came to the agreement that we wanted our music to have a deeper meaning for us and our fans. The only logical solution was to keep the pieces of our identity that make us who we are, while refining our sound to match our vision. Of course, there was a lot of fear in choosing this path. Would our fans embrace our new sound and aesthetic? In the end, we had to trust our collective gut, while creating and releasing music that felt honest and authentic. Our new single ‘Let You Down’ is a taste of what’s to come. Thank you to all our fans for following us on this next chapter of our journey.