Taba Chake Shares New Single ‘Halfway’

Indian singer and songwriter Taba Chake shares his brand new single Halfway, a captivating indie-pop/folk song. 
Halfway is a wistful piece of music that takes listeners on a sou-stirring journey of self-discovery, being a testament to Chake's prowess as a singer-songwriter, exploring the depths of human emotions. I am really enjoying how beautifully his vocals glide over the dreamy production, being backed by haunting vocals which enhance the song's emotional touch. I am particularly fond of his virtuosic guitar skills which are seamlessly paired with lush atmospherics, captivating chords and steady drum patterns that create an authentic and soul-stirring soundscape. 
Accompanied by a lovely music video, directed by Mohit Kapil, that mirrors the introspective essence of the song, Chake creates an immersive sensory experience that lingers long after the final note.



Speaking about the song, Taba Chake said, 
Halfway is a song that reflects the journey of a person who has unfinished dreams and expectations that he can only feel lost about. The conflict of being caught between the present and the past Which he simply accepts and goes on.